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How to make payment?

Once your selection will be done then our sales agent will contact with you.
And our sales team will issue the invoice through your email. You need to make the payment through this invoice. We basically accept two types of payment

1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
2. Latter of Credited (LC)

1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)    

After getting the invoice you need to make the payment from the bank my Telegraphic Transfer (TT).  You can use this way of payment from 100 US$ to whatever the invoice value.

2. Latter of Credited (LC)

you can use the Latter of Credited payment system only when your invoice value is more than 10,000 US$. If your invoice value is below 10,000 US$ then you must need to make the payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT)    

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